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Best Things to Watch While High

May 31, 2024

Every person experiences cannabis differently. Speaking for myself, I am a serious lightweight, and once the couch lock hits, it’s over for me. Despite my best intentions to do some art or writing, cannabis does not lend to focus, and I just end up sitting there, zoned out for a while. What happens more often than not when I’m high is a solid Netflix binge or playing a good video game session, where, oddly enough, focus is never an issue.

So, for fun, I asked folks what their favourite things to binge watch when they’re high. I’m always looking for silly and fun recommendations, and I hope this list will give you some ideas for your next fun night in. 

General Observation

What I noticed the most when posing this question to people is that most folks return to shows or movies they already like or have seen. I think there’s something about watching a familiar show that’s just comfortable and de-stressing, especially after a long day or a crappy week. To me, it makes sense that when people are setting out to have a chill evening, cannabis goes hand in hand with comfort shows. Of course, that’s not everyone’s experience, and I’m sure Netflix and the like have the data to validate or disprove this hypothesis.

Also worth mentioning is a potential sampling bias: pretty much everyone I know is super nerdy, so the lists below are wildly skewed in that direction. If you’re into sports, you probably already know what you like, and you may find something new and different here.

From the Community

When I chatted with various people and got their recommendations, here are some of the things I heard: 

  • Clone Wars or old Star Wars Movies;
  • Kurzgesagt on YouTube;
  • Animated shows or movies, especially chill ones;
  • Star Trek;
  • Anything Marvel;
  • Youtubers like Kurtis Conner, Cody Ko, etc.;
  • Riverdale;
  • Video games like Dark Souls or Baldur’s Gate 3;
  • Some good podcasts, like Critical Role or Dimensions 20;
  • The Office (or other comedy shows like Brooklyn 99 or The Good Place);
  • Disney Movies;
  • Classic Sci-Fi, like The Fifth Element;
  • Studio Ghibli films;
  • Action classics like The Matrix;
  • The Midnight Gospel.

From Bre

In general, I don’t always watch a lot of movies or shows. If I’m high, I usually go back to things I find sort of predictable or relaxing. I’m looking for things that I can watch passively and aren’t intellectually stimulating. Some of my top picks are:

  • Reality dating shows lately, like Love is Blind;
  • Kitchen Nightmares / Hotel Hell. Anything Gordon Ramsey;
  • I watch a lot of YouTube. When I’m high, it’s less thoughtful content and more silly or creepy things. I like Nick DiRamio, Jack Saint, Pinely, Noah Samsen, Watcher, Night Mind, Nick Crowley, The Right Opinion, Game Theorists, etc. It’s hard to beat a good movie review, internet mystery, or catching up with some YouTube drama when I’m a little stoned;
  • Action movies. I’m a big sucker for cheesy action movies. Sahara is a guilty pleasure; 
  • Games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, or What Remains of Edith Finch;
  • Cooking shows! I love cooking shows and baking competitions;
  • A good true crime documentary;
  • B-films. You know the ones. Like The Room by Tommy Wiseau;
  • Anything with Nic Cage.

Other Ideas for a Chill Evening

Vegging out before a screen is far from the only option for a chill, relaxing evening. If you’re looking for less screen time, here are some other possibilities to enjoy to enjoy your downtime and maximize your recharge:

  • Get a few friends together;
  • For food inspiration, check out this post on snacks and munchies;
  • Set the scene. For me, I like to make a fort of big, fuzzy blankets;
  • Get comfortable. It always feels better to have everything I will need at hand, and to make sure my space is cleaned beforehand;
  • Do something physical! It doesn’t need to be complicated—gentle yoga, stretches, or walking can help elevate your mood and enhance your experience. Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube has some great, short, and accessible yoga wind-downs;
  • Stay hydrated (we’re not talking bong water here). Keep a supply of your favourite drinks (mine are tea and mocktails);
  • Start low and go slow. If you’re new to cannabis or trying a new product format (especially edibles), it’s always a good idea to start slow and see how your body responds to something new before taking a lot. In my experience, consuming more incrementally is preferable to doing too much. The key to having a good time is maintaining control over your experience. You don’t want to end up accidentally overdoing it

Lastly, if you’re looking for more ways to set yourself up for success, check out what we wrote about getting high and having a good time

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