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What the FAQ

where's your facility?

We are proudly located in the heart of the Kootenays, Nelson BC.

Where can I buy your product?

At retailers across BC and online at the BC Cannabis Store

what are you growing?

Our facility in Nelson BC produces small batch cannabis using organic living soil.

how do you approach environmental sustainability?

This stuff is important to us. We call it ‘doing the right thing’ – no buzz words here. Our facility is designed for maximum energy efficiency, and we have the goal of creating a zero-waste operation. And we refuse to use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides during production because we care about those who touch and ingest our product. We are committed to protecting our community, waterways and biosphere from toxic pollution.

How long do you cure your cannabis for?

We cure for a minimum of 3 weeks.

How do you trim your cannabis?

We hand trim our bigger buds for 3.5g jars and machine trim our smaller buds for pre-rolls.

What's so special about living soil?

Organic Living Soil is a growing method engineered around the microbial life inside the soil. Fungi, bacteria, protozoa and many other kinds of microbial life serve as part of an ecosystem that supports plant health. These microorganisms form a soil food web that help feed the plants, in exchange from carbons and sugars that the plant releases through their roots. In this organic style of growing, that plants eat when they want and what they want. We think it makes for happy plants.

are you organic?

Our production methodology is powered by organic soil, fresh glacier water, integrated pest management, and quality Kootenay vibes. We expect to receive our organic certification in late 2023

Are you hiring?

All the time. The world of cannabis is a dynamic place and we're always on the lookout for talented folks with an appetite for doing things that have never been done.

What is Biomimetics?

Biomimetics aims to take inspiration from natural solutions developed in nature and translates those principles to human engineering. This approach aims to favor “choices” tested by nature which has taken the time to understand what works best and what doesn’t. Designs following biometrics tends to result in designs that are more efficient, resilient and sustainable.


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