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Flight Club

Retail Partnership Program

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Welcome to the Woody Nelson partnership program, aka Flight Club.

This membership represents the highest level of service Woody Nelson and its brands have to offer and we're excited for you to join us. While we recognize that these relationships may evolve over the coming months and years, we thought it important to set some basic expectations.

We remain aware of Health Canada's Cannabis Act and the regulations governing the marketing of cannabis. This includes the regulations governing inducements, sample, swag, prizes, rebates and loyalty programs. It is out intention to work within these regulations in a manner that benefits everyone involved.

To qualify for the Flight Club, a retailer must carry the full product line for one or more of Woody Nelson's brands: Woody Nelson, LoFi or High Fidelity. We understand that our products may be sold out or otherwise unavailable at times and simply ask our partners to do their best in keeping us on thier shelves.

Flight Club Perks Include:

  1. Retail Displays for any of the Woody Nelson brands

  2. Direct Delivery Exclusives & Sneaky Drops

  3. Branded swag and prizes for retail staff

  4. Your logo, link, and map on our Retail Partner page

  5. Unlimited PK sessions and an open invite to the facility here in Nelson

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