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Best things to eat while high

October 18, 2023

If there’s one thing cannabis goes hand-in-hand with, it’s the munchies. While we love a good pizza or Dorito binge, sometimes you need to switch up your snacks – whether to find a healthier replacement, or just for a bit of variety.  

So for fun, I took some time to ask folks what their favorite things to eat while high are. Of course, junk food is tempting, but for those of us who are trying to be a little healthier, having some satisfying alternatives prepared just in case is a good idea too. I’ve also included a few different recipe and idea pages in case something sparks your interest. If nothing else, hopefully you’ll get some good ideas or inspiration for the next time you need to stock up on some snacks.  

From the Community

When we chatted with the community about their favorite snacks, we heard a lot of fun ideas that we wanted to share. Maybe you’ve already tried some of these; maybe they’ll help you find a new favorite. Either way, we appreciate the creativity found in the community, and those willing to share their go-to munchies with us.  

  1. Ms. Vickie’s chips
  1. Sweet Chili Heat Doritos
  1. Water! Don’t forget to stay hydrated
  1. Cheese, meat, olive, and pickle plates. Charcuterie boards anyone?  
  1. Frozen fruits, including grapes, banana slices (bonus points if you add peanut butter or chocolate chips), and blueberries
  1. Jelly beans
  1. Seaweed snacks
  1. Ice cream
  1. Popcorn
  1. Homemade dinners
  1. Air fryer s’mores (can sub the chocolate for jam)
  1. Homemade cookies
  1. Nerd Gummy Clusters
  1. Leftovers
  1. Kirkland Trail Mix
  1. Guacamole and chips

From the Team

Personally, I’m all about those charcuteries. Not only are bread and cheese the pinnacle of my diet (don’t judge, I know this isn’t healthy), but they’re great for snacking. I’m a vegetarian, so I skip the meat. But grabbing a big plate full of crackers, cheese, nuts, veggies, and fruits mean that I can get some nutrition in there too and feel a bit less bad about munching all afternoon. Plus, if there’s any leftover (unlikely), it’s easy to store in the fridge. Also, if I’m playing a video game or working on some writing, it’s easier to just pick at things than to commit to a full meal. I’m so spacey when I’m high though, if I don’t have something ready ahead of time, I’m just going to end up cooking myself pasta.  

Our marketing team had a few ideas they tossed into the hat as well. Zack’s go to is Sweet Chili Heat Doritos – a time honoured classic. He said he preferred BBQ Pringles, but apparently they’re putting milk powder in their formula now, so those are out. Scott prefers Barbara’s Cheese Puffs, and Steph spoke about sweet and salty popcorn or grabbing a bag of chips – salt and vinegar or anything spicy, preferably.  

Walker, our Chief Commercial Officer, had this to say about it: “I like Häagen-Dazs. Or going out of your way to make really good food, like pizza from scratch. THC can make food more exciting and elevate the taste and experience of it, so having something a bit higher quality is nice. However, one cheap food to munch on is frozen fruit. It’s little healthier and hard to eat fast, so you kind of have to pace yourself.”  

Some Healthier Alternatives

While some of these options might not always be everyone’s favorite, preparing healthier snacks for yourself is never a bad thing either. If you’re getting the munchies all the time, a bit of nutritional balance won’t harm anything. Here’s a list of some other, possibly healthier alternatives when it comes to snacks:

  • Chopped up veggies and dip. Store-bought is fine, but it’s pretty easy to make something like hummus, guacamole, or other tasty (semi-healthy) dips ahead of time.
  • Fruit! Frozen fruit was mentioned earlier as a way to snack without overeating, but there’s nothing wrong with making up a big fruit bowl either.  
  • Get baking. Maybe homemade crackers, bread, or sweets aren’t the healthiest, but they’re still going to be healthier than what you can buy in the store.  
  • Salad bowls. If you’re looking for something beyond just snacks, making up a fancy salad is never a bad option. I’m not just talking lettuce and some tomatoes either; there are tons of options out there, from burrito bowls to roasted squash salads loaded with nuts and cheese.  
  • Make up some energy bites ahead of time. They’re relatively easy to make, and with so many different options available (peanut butter, matcha, coconut, chocolate) it’s hard to get bored of them.  
  • Nachos! Maybe not always the healthiest, but any excuse to sneak a ton of extra veggies into your diet is never a bad thing. Same thing goes for things like burritos, quesadillas, or other related things.  

If you’re looking for more creative and semi-healthy snack ideas, here’s a website I found that inspired me to branch out a little with my own snacking.  


There’s nothing more satisfying that having really tasty food, especially when you’re stoned. Through our research, we found the most popular munchies to include snacks like chips, popcorn, and candy but we were delighted to find that lots of folks focus on healthier alternatives like frozen fruit, veggies & dip, and lots of water. Just because you’re munchin’ out doesn’t mean you can’t eat well!

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