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THC with Bre: SSOG

August 28, 2023

Hoping to find out a bit more about SSOG and what to expect? Then you’re in the right place. Here we’ll be sharing product information, hearing from a few members of the team, and ending off with THC with Bre, where I test things out and share a bit of my own experience. It’s like Lofi’s CBD with Bre, but with a THC twist.  

With all that out of the way, strap in and get ready for takeoff.


The Woody Nelson edition of the Sunset Sherbert x High Octane OG genetic was bred by Seed Junky and grown in an indoor vertical farm using organic living soil. This high-THC cultivar is rich in terpenes, including Limonene, Trans-Nerolidol and Beta-Caryophyllene and smells like citrus and gas. The plant’s colourful, sticky buds are hand-trimmed, cured for a minimum of 3 weeks and arrive with a Boveda humidity pack. Never Irradiated.​

Here’s What Some of the Team Had to Say

Tai – Director of Horticulture:

“SSOG is one of those genetics that appeals to a wide audience, from a light consumer to a seasoned chronic that likes a heavy hitting experience. It has a great balance of body and head relaxation in how it affects you. The terpene profile is super appealing with a high limonene and Linalool content which for me and others gives a calming effect to the experience.  As far as growing characteristics, it’s a little bit more of a tricky plant to grow but we’ve managed to make it work in our system with great results after we understood what works best with this genetic.  SSOG is also one of those genetics that was never named by the breeder, Seed Junky, and so SSOG is the acronym for Sunset Sherbert x High Octane OG.”

Jolyon – Facility Designer:

“At LOW dosages (like 2-3 puffs) I’ve been finding it incredibly up lifting, clearing and energizing. Greatly improving recovery and symptoms from TBI (Concussion).”

Walker – Chief Commercial Officer

“I’m a big fan of our SSOG for a bunch of reasons. The plant is beautiful, the buds are beautiful, and the nose is really complex. I find it to be a little more sedative so you’ll usually find me puffing on that in the evening on my way to a good sleep.”

Jorg – Head Grower:

“The SSOG came to me through a good friend with the Rainbow Driver. The Rainbow is a miracle in that I only got one of the plants out of a 10 pack of seed and it was the champion that we grow now. That’s super unusual and super lucky. Often time, even if you pop 20 seeds you’d be lucky to find a banger. The SSOG came in the same delivery but I had a few cultivars to choose from. I wasn’t lab testing for potency, just for flavour and commercial viability. I picked the best of the bunch and that’s the SSOG we have now.  

From a grower’s perspective, the cultivar allows the grower to leave almost all the flowers node sites on all the way to the lower half of the plant and those buds will still grow to a sellable size, which is unusual. This saves time (and $) when you’re pruning.  

SSOG reminds me of an Old Fashioned – not a common profile. It’s my favorite evening smoke with its burnt citrus and vanilla spice gas. That’s just an evening flavour profile for me.”  

THC With Bre:

As a cannabis noob, the team thought they’d get me to try out SSOG and tell them what I thought about it. Similar to what we were doing with CBD with Bre over at Lofi, THC with Bre will showcase me trying new things and chatting about some of my experiences. That’s it. Maybe it’ll help give you an idea what to expect, or perhaps offer you a different perspective on the same product. With that in mind, here’s what I found:  

SSOG is one of the products I felt like I needed to try twice before forming an opinion on. Rainbow Driver and Glade Runner were a bit easier to come to a consensus on. When I tried SSOG the first time, admittedly, I had other things going on at the time and was kind of feeling headachy anyways. For someone who isn’t a fan of the smoking experience I found our other cultivars a passable, or even a nice experience. On first try however, SSOG felt a little tougher of a smoke.  

On second try, SSOG isn’t personally my favorite. Like I said, I didn’t find it to be as smooth a smoke as Rainbow Driver or Glade Runner, and didn’t have the same sweet notes to it. That said, it smelt really good and was really nice to grind. I didn’t need to smoke much before feeling anything, and while I smoked less than the other two, I could already tell how sedating it is. I think it would be easy for me to get couch-locked on it, especially with my low tolerance. I’d probably recommend it over the other two if you’re looking for that kind of effect. If I’m having a particularly crappy day and just want to zone out on a video game or something for a while, SSOG is the one I would reach for.

All in all, I think it rounds out the other two flowers well, and adds a nice balance to the mix. It’s very different from the other two. I know I’m a noob, but it feels like more traditional cannabis to me; more like what I would expect before I knew much about it. Like Jorg noted, it feels more like an Old Fashioned than a wine or something sweeter, and I just prefer sweeter drinks. But there’s definitely a place for SSOG, and if you’re more into the traditional, sedation sort of vibe, it might be right up your alley.  

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