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Woody Nelson Intro Story

May 25, 2023

Hello/Bonjour Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard Woody Nelson flight WN001, where we take flying high to a new level.

Today’s inflight entertainment will be the Woody Nelson origin story. Smoking is permitted on this 19+ flight, so go ahead and light up as we introduce ourselves and tell you a little about our journey.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Thank you for choosing to fly with Woody Nelson!


Like many great things, Woody Nelson began with a group of friends and the seed of an idea that just kept growing. With backgrounds in technology, finance, and entrepreneurship, and of course, a huge passion for weed, we saw an opportunity to create some epic product while advancing the digital transformation of cannabis production. We asked ourselves, what would happen if we put incredible genetics and legendary talent in a state-of-the-art facility with all the bells and whistles?

With two of our founders born and raised in Nelson — the heart of BC’s cannabis country and a community where the backbone to everything was powered by cannabis — our standards were high, but we knew we could go higher. Over decades, Nelson became the epicentre of cannabis production and culture, with a comparable reputation to Napa Valley and wine. We wanted to help the Nelson community participate in the new cannabis economy by creating a platform for local talent to practice, enhance, and thrive on their cannabis craft. And we knew we could make a brand and products that represent and honour the culture.

As late arrivals to the cannabis party, we saw a gap in the market the newly legalized industry was not yet serving. From the outset, we had to work hard to counteract the wave of ‘overpromise and underdeliver’ left in the cannabis bubble’s wake. Through every challenge we faced — and there were many — we stuck to our original vision and held to our values. And we were fortunate to find a core team who understood and respected our commitment to learning, experimenting, and accountability and could identify with asserting authenticity by boldly pursuing big ideas.  


Next, it was time to turn our vision into a plan. First to join our team was an agriculturalist and industrial designer with a passion for building complex machinery and a deep understanding of cannabis production from founding one of Canada’s earliest LPs. Through extensive consultation with the cannabis experts in Nelson, we chose a 'biomimetic' growing methodology inspired by nature and focused our designs on supporting a living organic soil platform.

After acquiring an industrial facility six miles outside Nelson on Kootenay Lake, we started building an epic weed facility with next-generation technology purpose-built, by us, for cannabis production with flexibility and future-proofing in mind. At this time, many other players in the industry had entered a bust cycle after building production facilities that prioritized quantity over quality. Unlike the big players, our vision was grounded in the belief that an almost absurd degree of environmental controllability would empower us to deliver the quality and consistency that others would be challenged to replicate.


As construction was underway, we further built our team, working toward the operational capabilities Health Canada expects from a full-service licensed producer. People noticed as we started to grow, and before we knew it, we had assembled an all-star team. From horticulture to quality assurance, our people make us unique.

In the meantime, we built a complimentary business in the high-CBD industrial hemp space, leading us to launch our bestselling CBD brand, LoFi. In creating an everyday, approachable CBD brand, we found inspiration in the easy-going vibe and culture behind the LoFi genre. Our LoFi brand celebrates this community that champions creativity, kindness, and the unrefined in part by commissioning original artwork from emerging artists and sharing their work on social, web, and in store.

By the summer of 2022, Woody Nelson had received its first licence. Shortly after, we brought in plants and finally put our ‘spaceship’ facility to the test. In the following months, we received the rest of our licenses, allowing unlimited cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and sales of all regulated cannabis products.


In this ultimate mix of pressure and support, it was here that many of us nerds and weirdos found a home. As a first for many, talented Nelson folks could leverage their cannabis skills and experience on a broader market and work alongside branders and marketers, who could compliment their talent with graphics, storytelling, and great packaging. Around here, everyone’s a genius in their own way. We believe in enabling people to discover their inner brilliance and allowing them to shine.  

As the region's first full-service producer, we see an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the potential of what Nelson's new cannabis industry can achieve. By fostering the regional talent pool and championing the locally grown and independent spirit, we work toward revitalizing a vibrant and collaborative regional cannabis industry. Recognizing the many significant contributions of the legacy market, we are dedicated to being an active resource to anybody looking to enter the regulated side of things by sharing our learnings (many hard-won).

In early 2023, we launched our first products – Woody Nelson Rainbow Driver and Glade Runner Craft Flower. Keeping to our vision of growing the world’s most delightful cannabis, we look forward to releasing our core lineup of Woody Nelson premium flower products, High Fidelity Solventless Extracts, and LoFi CBD.

Flying High

If we had a nickel for every challenge we had to overcome, we could buy a lot of weed! Yet throughout this journey, our purpose never wavered – to create a high-tech weed company in the heart of cannabis country run by legendary talent growing the dopest dope we’ve ever smoked. Having a chance to build something like this with new and old friends is the kind of experience that none of us will ever forget.  

From here, we set off to grow the next generation of high-tech cannabis. As we grow crops and collect data, we have a wealth of real-world information to further develop our processes and technologies. The first few crops have blown our minds, and we look forward to learning and improving with every harvest.

But our ambitions don't stop at cannabis. With the world and climate changing, there are opportunities to expand the use of our technology and drive innovations in food production and AgTech. Vertical farms, year-round crops, local food sources, and zero-waste facilities are all on the horizon. We hope to significantly contribute to that future.

On behalf of the crew, thank you for flying high with Woody Nelson, and we hope to see you again soon!

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