A photo of the Sunset Overdrive bud.
A photo of the Sunset Overdrive flower in the vertical growing facility.
A photo of Sunset Overdrive flower next to a hand.
A photograph of the Rainbow Driver flower.


Sunset Sherbert X High Octane OG

The Woody Nelson edition of the Sunset Sherbert x High Octane OG genetic was bred by Seed Junky and grown in an indoor vertical farm using organic living soil. This high-THC cultivar is rich in terpenes, including Limonene, Trans-Nerolidol and Beta-Caryophyllene and smells like citrus and gas. The plant’s dense, sticky buds are hand-trimmed, cured for a minimum of 3 weeks. Our big beautiful buds arrive non-irradiated and with a boveda humidity pack.  







Terpene pROFILE






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  • Available Formats
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  • A beige jar with a green label and the Woody Nelson logo.


  • 28g

  • An illustration of three joints.



An illustration of a boat with a cannabis plant in it, speeding on the water through an orange sunset.
Sunset Sherbert
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High Octane OG


An illustration of a baby hemp plant sprouting from the dirt.

Organic Living Soil

We use a custom blended True Living Organic Soil. Our "Grow-nola" is unlike other growing mediums, True Living Organic Soil creates a synergistic habitat that enhances nutrient delivery without added chemicals. By creating a healthy environment, critical micro-organisms responsible for secondary metabolite development can flourish, resulting in exceptional flavour, developed cannabinoid profile and greater potency in the final product.

An Illustration of Woody Nelson's 3 tiered indoor growing system filled with hemp plants.

Vertical Farming

Custom-built for efficient cultivation, our vertical farming system allows three different crops to grow in the same space without compromising on quality. With all vital systems fully integrated (lighting, irrigation and HVAC), our vertical farming system can create and maintain the precise environmental conditions essential to producing great cannabis.

An illustration of a leaf with glowing blue spheres at the tip of the veins, and a glowing blue stem.


Our biomimetic approach takes guidance from the genius of nature. Plants have more excellent outcomes when we can mimic their natural habitat and optimal growing conditions. We achieve this through our True Living Organic Soil ‘Grow-nola,’ pure glacial water, customized lighting spectrum, and superior controlled environmental infrastructure that can replicate any growing environment on earth.

Nuggets of cannabis hanging upside down.

Hang Dried

We dry our cannabis in a custom state-of-the-art drying chamber that promotes even drying and prepares for an effective cure. Thorough drying is critical in producing a uniform, high-quality product with the proper moisture balance throughout the plant for optimal texture and consistency and helps to prevent mold growth. Our cannabis is hang-dried on the stem to maintain the integrity of flower and bud structure and permit maximum airflow.

A Woody Nelson branded calendar with the twenty first day circled in red.


Our unique ‘low and slow’ curing process requires exacting environmental conditions and takes 21 days to complete. This process transforms the plant sugars, starches and chlorophyll into the secondary metabolites responsible for the plant’s unique smells and aromas. The extra time spent under these specific environmental conditions allows the flavour and smokability of the flower to develop fully.

A hand in a green glove holding a nugget of hemp with their index finger and thumb.

100% Hand Trimmed

Following curing, we carefully hand trim by removing leaves without damaging the flower or losing trichomes and visually inspect every flower, ensuring only the best go to market. All trimming takes place in an environmentally controlled chamber to preserve the delicate moisture balance of the final cured product.

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