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October 21, 2022

Welcome to CBD With Bre, a blog series where I, as a self-proclaimed CBD noob, recount my experiences getting into the world of CBD. While I have a fair amount of knowledge on the research and science side of things, as I’m learning, it’s quite different when applied off the page.

Finding myself regularly tired, brain-fogged, and unmotivated causes me to waste time I don’t really have. Things take a lot longer to get done and end up being left to last minute. I pay for my lack of focus in deadline anxiety later on. If I could manage to balance that process out a little, my life would be a lot less chaotic. That’s why I wanted to investigate the potential concentration effects of CBD, to see if I was able to have any success with it.

Of course, just as a quick disclaimer, this post is for informational purposes only and not meant to endorse any particular company or product. It’s just here to reflect and discuss my personal experiences in hopes that they provide others with some deeper insight and understanding of CBD.

Context and Background

At the time of writing this, I’m a third year student in university. Disregarding the rest of life’s demands and the impossibility of creating some sort of work/life balance, uni is a ton of work. I have to stay on top of huge amounts of readings, papers, and assignments, which leaves very little time for me to be out of sorts. The worst thing I can do to myself is go through a day, or series of days, where I’m unable to get motivated and focus.

Since this is the case, I’m constantly looking for solutions – often in the form of coffee and energy drinks. However, while temporarily helping me out, I don’t respond well to caffeine. It tends to cause more grogginess problems than it’s worth. CBD might be an alternative route, but will it be enough to support me through boring assignments and the allure of afternoon naps?

The Experiment

Admittedly, CBD for concentration was never something I originally set out to explore. I wanted to see if CBD would have an impact on things like my sleep cycle or hormones, but I didn’t consider it for helping me focus until I started noticing through my own personal use of it that it seemed to have an effect. In trying to explore CBD for sleep, I started taking it somewhat consistently every day around the same time in the evening – around 9pm. This would give it time to settle into my body and give me a few hours to relax before falling asleep. I had found that if I took it too early before bed, I’d tend to get groggier in the mornings, though this seemed to change after I had been taking it for a while.

Although I’m generally someone who focuses better at night, I started to find that after I took CBD in the evenings, my focus would be extra amplified. Generally, I’ll take a bit of CBD, get a whole lot of stuff done in a few hours, and then have a great sleep. I started to wonder if there wasn’t a connection between CBD and my productivity, and decided to focus my attention on documenting the effects I was noticing.

Of course, I’m recounting my own anecdotal experience. There’s been little research conducted into the effects of CBD on focus and concentration, so the science isn’t there yet.

My Observations

As always, I’ll be summarizing my main observations in bullet points below:


From what I’ve found for myself, CBD has not only helped me get into a better routine in my day-to-day life, but it boosts my productivity, motivation, and focus. By being able to do a concentrated, highly productive few hours of work every day, I’m not only freeing up a bunch of time, but saving myself a lot of stress in the future. While I can’t say that CBD has fixed all the chaos in my life, it’s definitely helping me be a little more balanced. Then again, things like eating right, exercising, and taking breaks are equally, if not more, important to focus on as well.

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