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October 21, 2022

At the start of this year, we released our second product, the CBD Vape 650 cartridge. Since we put so much thought and consideration into its development, we wanted to take a moment to not only explain the product, but also the story and our intentions behind it.

Want to know the details behind our newest release? Well, you came to the right place.

The LoFi Story

When we originally set out to create a CBD product line, we wanted to stick with things that were easier to make and produce. This way, we could focus on quality and value without being distracted by complicated products. After a successful launch of our 1500mg CBD oil, we asked ourselves what next? To our surprise, the same full spectrum CBD extract we had been mixing with MCT for our CBD oil would make for a great vape.

After talking to our friends in retail, we committed to a CBD Vape that was easy to vape, wouldn’t crystalize, and (hopefully) tasted better than what was currently on the market. Fortunately for us, our commitment to quality inputs and full spectrum extracts gave us an unexpected head start. As we discovered, full spectrum formulations were less likely to crystalize than a distillate. Plus, our terpene rich hemp flower improved viscosity while creating a really nice flavour profile.

How it’s Made

For this product, we partnered with Pure Extracts out of Pemberton, B.C for their expertise in CO2 extraction and experience in vape production. While we still prefer alcohol extraction for our CBD oil, we found that CO2 extraction made for a better vape, including more than double the terpenes.

The process starts out with a simple C02 extraction, which creates an extract full of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. It also includes things like waxes and fats that later need to be removed. This crude product is then taken through the winterization process, which gets rid of those fats and waxes. This winterized crude extract is what we use for our Full Spectrum formula. For more info about Pure Extracts’ extraction process, check out their website here.

From there, they package and label the cartridges, before being shipped out to stores across BC.


The CBD Vape 650 is made with two ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD extract and flavourless botanical terpenes.

When we did our first-round development using only our CBD extract, we avoided crystallization and the flavour was fantastic. Unfortunately, the viscosity was less than ideal which meant you had to pull harder and no big vape clouds. We knew that adding THC would help but we were committed to a CBD vape. Knowing that we didn’t want to impact the awesome flavour from the plant’s natural cannabis terpenes, Pure Extracts suggested a small amount of flavourless botanical terpenes. We were skeptical at first, but having tried the finish product, we’re happy we took their advice.

While the decision to include flavourless botanical terpenes helped us get the viscosity we wanted, it came at a cost. Our goal for this product is 650mg of CBD per cartridge but with the inclusion of an additional ingredient, actual CBD content has been less. Still north of 600mg, but nevertheless, there’s still work to do.

For certificates of analysis and a deeper product breakdown, check it out here.


The cartridge itself can hold 1g of CBD extract. Both the mouthpiece and the coil are made from ceramic. The heating core material is nichrome, while the tank material is made of borosilicate glass. From a regulatory side, we don’t want to see metal being used in a cartridge because the extract can leach them into the liquid, causing people to smoke harmful metals. It’s why we prefer materials like ceramic and glass.

For more information about specific hardware specs and numbers, feel free to check out them out here.


When we started developing this product, nearly every cartridge on the market was a half-gram. Knowing that the cost to us of moving to a full-gram cart was minimal, we focused on doubling the value we were creating for consumers. We were the first full-gram CBD cart to launch in BC and we look forward to encouraging a new standard that emphasizes consumer value.


By focusing our attention on creating a CBD Vape that was easy to use, didn’t crystalize, and tasted really nice, we managed to create the super popular LoFi CBD Vape 650. Made by our friends at Pure Extracts in Pemberton, B.C., our 1-gram cart contains a full spectrum CBD extract that is rich in minor cannabinoids and terpenes. We hope you enjoy it.

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